My Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is constantly adapting and changing. When I first left school I entered the nursing profession where I completed three and a half years of schooling at the University of Regina. A large portion of nursing that people don’t often think about is education. It is here that I first started to develop my methods and philosophies about teaching. At that time I believed that the best way to educate my patients was to be direct and informational while providing support. While this was effective for 90% of the patients, they had to be adjusted when dealing with pediatric patients. It was my pediatric rotation that inspired me to make the change into education.

When I was in my first and second year of education at the Parkland College in Yorkton I used similar methods and approached my students as I did with my patients in nursing. This was no longer effective because the students did not connect to that. It is at that point where I transitioned into my current beliefs.

First off, I believe… that students should be looked at as a whole being. There is more to their lives than the six to seven hours they are on school grounds. They have lives outside of the school and the effects of the outside environment may carry over into school time. It is our job as educators to be cognizant about this and adjust our teaching strategies, lessons, and interactions with the students to ensure they are receiving the most enriched educational experience possible.

I believe… that the classroom and school should be an inclusive and welcoming environment. It should be a safe place where the students feel comfortable enough to share their questions and ideas to help further their personal learning.

I believe… that there should be an open line of communication between the students and educators. Because of the inclusive and supportive environment, the students should be willing to openly share their ideas and how they feel about the material that they are learning. The educator should be able to give feedback and encouragement while also taking into consideration the students ideas and concerns.

Finally, I believe… that education is constantly evolving and because of this we as educators must be prepared to evolve with it. We have to realize that we cannot get set in our ways and that for the most part, we are evolving for the betterment of the student’s education.