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Learning Project Update!

This week was an organization and planning week for my learning project. I realized this project was going to be a large undertaking after doing some research on Pinterest and simple Google searches. I started off by planning what kind of pictures I would like to include in this scrapbook and decided that because this was going to be a 50th wedding anniversary present I wanted to include pictures that spanned over their last 50 years of marriage. I took a trip out to the family farm to go through mountains of photo albums. Luckily we live in a digital age and instead of taking the very delicate photos in to make copies I was able to use my phone to take a copy of the photo and then print them off. I also started researching what kind of materials you should start off with and I found a site with wallet-friendly suggestions. I watched several youtube videos to give me a better understanding of what would be most appropriate for my project. This video seemed to be the most useful for determining supplies:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a local craft store, however, I was able to find a few basic supplies at the Walmart and Dollarama and I ordered the rest online on Amazon. I settled on the basics for now and I will continue to collect materials as I need them.

Starting Materials:

scrapbook (12″x12″)

-acid free paper (cardstock 12″x12″)

multicolor/patterned paper (assorted sizes)

paper protectors (12″x12″)

metallic markers

-craft bond photo glue

-glue stick

glue dots

scrapbook markers

watercolor paint set


-lace trim

-jute tape





Learning Project Baseline

When I first heard about the learning project assignment I felt defeated. I thought, how am I supposed to dedicate 30-40 hours to a project when I am already overwhelmed with work and school? However, after a little thought, I began to see the assignment for what it really was, an opportunity. This assignment will force me to take time out of my chaotic schedule to practice something that I have always wanted to try but had always put on the backburner because I didn’t have the time. For this learning project, I have decided to learn how to scrapbook. Scrapbooking can be very beautiful when done well and it is a talent that I have always admired. Throughout this semester I will be creating a scrapbook using different tutorials that I hope to find on Youtube, Pinterest and of course Google! At the end of the summer if I am successful I hope to have created an amazing scrapbook to give to my grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary. I think they deserve more than 40 hours on their anniversary present, don’t you?