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EIND 215- Class 2 Reflection

September 13, 2018

This week in class we discussed a number of different things. We blended some ideas and reflective questions from our ESST 215 class. We split into groups and were asked to reflect on a number of questions that had previously been provided for us to answer following our reading for the week. We were split into groups of 4 to answer them. We were then asked to have 2 people stand. The two people sitting had to move into another group. We were then asked to further reflect on these questions. We then changed groups for the third time where we were given new questions to ponder (How would you explain outcomes and indicators to someone who didn’t understand what they were). This lesson was really enlightening when it comes to thinking about how to arrange groups within the classroom. There are a number of things to consider such as:

-the class size

-the age range

-the maturity level of the student

-the types of learners within the classroom

-the activity you are doing

Moving Forward… I would really like to use the method of grouping that we used in class today. I like that you get the students who wouldn’t otherwise volunteer get up and moving. I will now also be more mindful and aware when I am planning my group work and determine how they are grouped before we get into class.



EIND 215- Introductory Class Reflection

September 7, 2018- Reflection 1

Today we discussed a number of different things. We were first introduced to our instructor Kim Sadowsky (who I must say is excellent). We started off with a few technical difficulties, which is to be expected in a televised class. While we did lose a little time getting started it was quickly made up by the organization and management of the instructor.

Topics covered/ what I learned:

-The syllabus (obviously, it’s the first day)

-expectations of the class (leave your phone alone!)

-what we can expect as far as experiences this semester

-working smarter, not harder

-classroom management

-methods of how to get your students involved in the first week of classes (introductions, grouping)

-awareness in the classroom (racism, Indigenization)

How will I use this moving forward:

I found observing the instructor very useful today. The way that she carried herself and stayed organized, partnered with her classroom management skills gave me a number of ideas that I want to try out with my own classroom during my internship this semester.

The main takeaway from today’s class: Always leave them laughing so here’s a joke!

Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed?…….. She couldn’t control her pupils!