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There is so much paper!

Considering we just took part in the #saskedchat that discusses the #paperless classrooms I feel like I am doing the complete opposite of everything discussed. This week for my learning project I had planned to have all of the themes laid out so that all I would have to do is put in the pictures and embellishments and complete the cover and I would be closer to done but boy was I wrong. My Amazon order got delayed even though it was supposed to be here Friday so I had to make due with what I had on hand for this weekend. I managed to find enough to keep me busy!

The first thing I did was finish up the cover of the scrapbook. I personalized it using the most recent picture I took of my grandparents on their farm and then I included their last name on the cover.


Once I finished that I took apart the inside of the book so that I could customize it with the color scheme I had chosen. Inside the base color of each page is going to range from white to black with several shades of gray in between.


All of the white pages were going to be hand painted using watercolor paints. For the inside cover, I decided to do a tree to symbolize the family.


I then embellished the sides with a burlap style tape to border it.


I plan to use the black paper as a blackboard style theme, where the greys are going to be accented with different patterned papers. Unfortunately, the supplies needed won’t be here until Tuesday but I will be using our regularly scheduled class time to catch up.

The patterned paper I chose is more muted tones I want the photos to be able to pop off the pages and speak for themselves. The white pages that are intermittently placed throughout will help brighten up the rest of the book.pattern paper.jpg

For anyone wondering about the watercolor tree I drew my inspiration from two separate artists:

Youtube Channel: Watercolor by Shibasaki (Highly recommend this channel)

Youtube Channel: Paint Academy

I wanted my tree to be more full, like the second video but I wanted the texture of the first video. I am pleased with the overall outcome, I haven’t explored much with watercolors and they are not exactly the highest quality so considering these factors it had turned out better than expected.

Stay tuned for next week!


Couros and Wesch- An Internet Education

This week our class was given the opportunity to watch a presentation by Dr. Alec Couros on Educating the Selfie Generation. We also watched a Youtube video created by Michael Wesch titled An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube. 

The idea of participation in a classroom traditionally was thought of as students who would raise their hand, answers questions and takes part in discussions. Now we must also consider online participation as was discussed in both the video and the presentation. Everyone and their grandmother have some form of interaction with the internet. Because of this, we as teachers have to be aware of what kind of content our students are being exposed to in the classroom setting and be able to incorporate technology into our teaching. As technology updates and advances we have to continue to adapt this to our lessons.

Wesch’s video discusses the evolution of Youtube and how it eventually became a more accepted and widely used platform. Dr. Alec Couros covered multiple platforms and how the platforms and the demographics have evolved over the last few decades. We discussed both the positives and negatives that come with using technology in the classroom and how these platforms can influence our teaching. Apps and websites like Whisper and are anonymous sharing sites that were originally created to allow people to share thoughts and questions anonymously but turned into the perfect environment for cyberbullying. Dr. Couros even mentioned that children would send themselves anonymous hateful messages to help them justify self-harm or even suicide. This was the case with Hannah Smith. who had taken her life and it was later discovered that the majority of her bullying was self-inflicted. As educators, we have to be aware of these possibilities and have safeguards in place to help prevent cyberbullying, but we must also have resources and supports available if it does.

The great part about being able to use the internet and other platforms is that we are able to expand our own knowledge and access resources that will help enrich our teachings. We are able to connect with other educators on Twitter, get new ideas from Pinterest and Teachers Pay Teachers, and get video reinforcements from Youtube. Keeping all of these resources in mind and exploring different educators teaching styles and methods we can help provide an enriched learning environment for our students.


ABC Kids App Review!

Today on Twitter I tweeted about apps that can be used in the classroom to help kids learn different educational skills and how this could be an effective tool in a paperless classroom. While it was a good read I thought it was only right that I used a class assignment where I was supposed to review an app to test out how truly effective this method of teaching could be in a classroom. Of the apps suggested, I wanted to explore a writing app because it was a topic I am more hesitant to cover with technology instead of pencil and paper. I chose to review ABC Kids- Tracing and Phonics. It can be downloaded for free on the Google Play Store, it is also available on iTunes.

Screen Shot 2018-06-18 at 8.09.03 PM


I started off with exploring the app. For this review, I used Lollipop Screen Recorder to capture my phone screen and voice as I navigated throughout the app. This app in itself was a great help, it made the review process very seamless. I was able to record my progress and voice all in one location, trim the video as I saw necessary and then post it directly to Youtube.

For adapting it to the classroom setting as I stated in the video I would recommend using a stylus pen (Sorry I said steelos in the video!) to help encourage proper pencil holding. I believe this will make it easier for kids when they are adapting what they have learned to paper.

The app itself was very good I could see it being used in a Kindergarten to grade one classroom. The app has a number of pros and cons.


-letter recognition exercise

-uppercase/ lowercase letter tracing (with letter sounds)

-uppercase/ lowercase letter matching

-positive reinforcement



-no feedback or correction is made when the wrong answer is given

-the moving characters and sounds they make could be distracting

-there is no real way to monitor a students progress or ensure that they are doing all of the exercises

My Thoughts on Twitter

Before this class, I never really thought of Twitter as a platform that I could actively use every day, let alone in the classroom. I had signed up for it in January to enter a contest but did not look at it for another second after that. Since the Saskedchat I have begun to truly enjoy Twitter as a resource. There is tons of information to find and plenty of educators who are more than welcoming and willing to share their knowledge. I could see Twitter being a useful tool in the classroom to help keep parents and teachers connected, as well you could use it to provide additional resources and reminders for the students. The Saskedchat was an overall great experience. At first, it was a little overwhelming but once you got past the initial shock it was just a regular conversation that you had to furiously type your replies.  I think I will continue to use Twitter, it is a great way to communicate with other educators to help give perspective, advise and support when you do don’t have the ability to connect in person. You do have to be aware of the negative uses of Twitter and filter out the nonessential information. Just like everything in life there are always going to be pros and cons but hopefully, in this case, the good outweighs the bad.

Learning Project Update!

This week was an organization and planning week for my learning project. I realized this project was going to be a large undertaking after doing some research on Pinterest and simple Google searches. I started off by planning what kind of pictures I would like to include in this scrapbook and decided that because this was going to be a 50th wedding anniversary present I wanted to include pictures that spanned over their last 50 years of marriage. I took a trip out to the family farm to go through mountains of photo albums. Luckily we live in a digital age and instead of taking the very delicate photos in to make copies I was able to use my phone to take a copy of the photo and then print them off. I also started researching what kind of materials you should start off with and I found a site with wallet-friendly suggestions. I watched several youtube videos to give me a better understanding of what would be most appropriate for my project. This video seemed to be the most useful for determining supplies:

Unfortunately, I don’t have a local craft store, however, I was able to find a few basic supplies at the Walmart and Dollarama and I ordered the rest online on Amazon. I settled on the basics for now and I will continue to collect materials as I need them.

Starting Materials:

scrapbook (12″x12″)

-acid free paper (cardstock 12″x12″)

multicolor/patterned paper (assorted sizes)

paper protectors (12″x12″)

metallic markers

-craft bond photo glue

-glue stick

glue dots

scrapbook markers

watercolor paint set


-lace trim

-jute tape





Feedly Review

Well, this week I signed up for my Feedly account and it was quite overwhelming at the start but I think I am slowly starting to get the hang of it! There was a lot of different blogs and sources to choose from so it took a bit to determine what would be a good fit for my learning. I started by searching #education and #edtech and started to follow almost the top 6-8 sources that popped up. I then went over to my feed and began to look through the recent articles. If I noticed that there was a pattern in articles that I felt were irrelevant I would look into that source to determine if I should continue to follow it. I ended up unfollowing about 4 sources. I think the blog that stands out to me the most at the moment is TeachThough. The content that they post I found to be very useful for both teachers and education students. It has a variety of content that can range anywhere from tips to teaching strategies. It also explores integrating media and technology into the classroom and how it can affect the students. Overall, I think this source is worth further explanation and the website Feedly is a good resource to collect different articles and information that we otherwise would not have the opportunity to be exposed to.

My Introduction to EDTC 300

Hello everyone! I am only moving into the second week of my EDTC 300 class through the University of Regina. It feels like we are already moving at hyperspeed and I am trying my best to keep up. I have always been very private on online profiles, in fact when I googled myself the only true connection to me was a photo that had been published in a magazine when I was 16. I have always been more behind the scenes when it comes to social media. I run a Facebook account and an Instagram account for the Yorkton Threshermen’s Club Inc. I had to create a twitter account for this class, it is not a platform that I am familiar with but I look forward to learning! So far creating this blog has been quite exciting I was able to organize it in a way that I hope I can continue to use throughout my educational journey. I have already written my first post about my learning project so feel free to check that out as well! To give you an idea of whose thoughts and ideas you are reading I have included my face in this post, I guess I better get used to sharing little pieces of myself for this class!

Learning Project Baseline

When I first heard about the learning project assignment I felt defeated. I thought, how am I supposed to dedicate 30-40 hours to a project when I am already overwhelmed with work and school? However, after a little thought, I began to see the assignment for what it really was, an opportunity. This assignment will force me to take time out of my chaotic schedule to practice something that I have always wanted to try but had always put on the backburner because I didn’t have the time. For this learning project, I have decided to learn how to scrapbook. Scrapbooking can be very beautiful when done well and it is a talent that I have always admired. Throughout this semester I will be creating a scrapbook using different tutorials that I hope to find on Youtube, Pinterest and of course Google! At the end of the summer if I am successful I hope to have created an amazing scrapbook to give to my grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary. I think they deserve more than 40 hours on their anniversary present, don’t you?