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Cree 100-S90 Final Project

Tânsi! It has been a very fast 8 weeks! I feel like I have learned so much that my brain is going to explode but I know that I have barely scratched the surface. Cree is a language that is very beautiful but I find it so easy to become confused when a word is slightly mispronounced.

I have decided to do this final project on my family because I felt that it was important to include them on my journey to learning this language. Other than French many of us do not have a second language other than English. I got everyone involved in an attempt to help the words stick in my brain. It was interesting seeing them attempt to learn the language without any real context.

I created my Youtube video using Powerpoint and Screencastify. I hope you enjoy!

Youtube Video Response Blog Post

Hello everyone, today I will be discussing my thoughts on April Charlo’s Ted Talk on the topic of Indigenous language revitalization and more specifically my thoughts about ownership. For those who have not seen the Ted talk feel free to watch:

I have never really thought of ownership much before this video. I always assumed that ownership was something that you gained through purchase or relations but I never considered the impact of living and non-living things. I like the way that she put into perspective the idea of “owning” a living thing. The most obvious living things in my life being “my” two cats. When I actually thought about owning them, it would suggest that I have power over them when in actuality that is never truly possible… especially with cats. More often than not they are just putting up with me, I was just given the opportunity to help them live their best lives outside of a shelter and prevent a premature end to their lives.

Her story about ownership of land was also very powerful. When you think about it, how is ownership over land possible? When the first settlers came who gave them permission to own the land? I don’t see how a person can go onto a random piece of land and declare that it was somehow now theirs. Today that would not be possible because even if there was undiscovered land it would “belong” to a country or landmass nearby. As April said in the video, before land ownership there was no ownership over water or other resources on the land and the first people had to adapt to this idea to survive.

Blogger Post Final Project

Hello everyone! I am just moving into the second week of this Cree 100 course and I am still unsure of what to do for this final project. I am leaning towards some of the examples from previous students that were posted into the Google community. I like the idea of doing an introduction to my family in Cree. I think I like this idea the most because it opens up the possibility for some deeper discussions with family members. I come from a primarily French and Irish background and we have had very limited exposure to other languages and this will help me be able to reach a deeper connection with the children in my very diverse classrooms. I look forward to learning the language and exploring the different dialects!