Reading Conferences

Reading conferences are… used to offer the students the opportunity to:

-share their thoughts about what they have read

-set goals for future reading

-receive feedback

it gives the teacher the opportunity to:

-monitor student reading

-provide formative data about the student’s progress

-monitor their level of reflection and engagement

It benefits the students by providing time to practice:




-comprehension strategy

-critical thinking

How it works…

  1. The teacher will have prepared what they want to discuss with the student during the conference
  2. Set up the class so that the students are independently reading
  3. The teacher will pull an individual student aside and conference (for approx. 10 minutes)
  4. The student will read a section of the text aloud from their reading material
  5. The teacher and the student discuss what is going on and what understanding they have gained so far
  6. The teacher and student will discuss the student’s reading goals
  7. The student will return to reading and another student will conference with the teacher

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