Circle Pedagogy

Circle pedagogy is…an opportunity to create a safe environment where students can share their point of view. Everyone is equal and everyone belongs.

Talking circles… create a respectful approach to talking with others providing a sense of communion and interconnectedness that is not often present in the common ways of communicating in the classroom. Everyone has their turn to speak, all voices are heard in a respectful and attentive way, and the learning atmosphere becomes a rich source of information, identity, and interaction.

How it works…

  1. The teacher will have prepared a few topics or talking points for the circle to discuss
  2. Before we enter into the circle the class will establish their guidelines for the circle
  3. An object that will be passed around will be chosen.
  4. The students will be arranged in a circle
  5. The teacher will welcome everyone to the circle
  6. The teacher will introduce a topic for the circle
  7. The object will get passed around from student to student in a clockwise motion.

You can access the lesson that I have created using circle pedagogy here.

How they can look in the classroom…

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