Adaptation and Accommodation

We as educators we have to plan multiple lessons a day. We often have an idea of how we intend to have the students meet their outcomes but sometimes we have to be prepared to make adaptations and accommodations to our lessons for certain students within the classroom.

Accommodations are…the methods being used within the lesson are adjusted in order to help assist the students to meet the same goal as their peers. When we here the word accommodation we often think of students who struggle in class, however, accommodations can be made for students who excel within the classroom.

Example of accommodations…

-giving a student a computer in the classroom so that they can type out their responses instead of writing them.

-allowing the student access to spellcheck when writing to assist with spelling

-giving extra time for tests and assignments

-chunking information

-providing frequent breaks

Adaptations are… changes that are made to the methods of instruction and the way that assessment is carried out within the classroom. This gives the students an equal opportunity to demonstrate an understanding of a concept.

Examples of adaptations…

-oral tests

-preferred seating

-providing a scribe

-having tests read


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