Rubrics are… an assessment tool. It’s given to the student at the beginning of a project to outline the teacher’s expectations and how they will be assessed.

How it works…

  1. The teacher creates a project outline and determines how it is to be assessed
  2. The teacher creates a rubric with criteria that match what is supposed to be assessed
  3. The rubric is given to the students at the beginning of the project
  4. Students complete their assignment
  5. Students present their assignment
  6. The teacher grades the student based on their ability to match the criteria

My experience with Rubrics… I like using rubrics in the classroom because the students know what they have to do to achieve the grade that they like. If they want to get a 2 they know what is necessary and if they want a 4 they know what they have to do. There is no way to argue that they were graded unfairly because it is clearly outlined.

Here is one of my lessons where I used a rubric for an assessment tool.

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