Reading Logs

Reading logs… are simply put an easy way for educators to keep track of what the students are reading.

How it looks throughout the years…


  • mostly picture books
  • may not see a lot of variety
  • content/ length is not as important
  • may be worked on at home with parents


  • begins to integrate chapter books
  • begins to have a variety of genres
  • themes start to emerge
  • students will do largely independently
  • students can include summaries in heir reading log


  • done independently
  • consists of a variety of text types/ genres
  • students can complete summaries and predictions
  • they can identify themes
  • note important quotes, key details, important moments
  • begin to identify figurative language

For our class, we had to keep a reading log and read 10-14 books throughout the semester to model what this would look like when we introduced the same strategy to our students. It was interesting to see how much of a pain it could be as an assignment when you fell behind. It was, however, a good reflective piece and it was rewarding to see what I had accomplished and learned at the end of the semester.

Some examples of Reading Logs…

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