Open-Minded Portraits

Open-minded Portraits are… used to help students think more deeply about a character or a person. It can also be used as a tool to help students reflect on the events that took place in the story.

How it works…

  1. the teacher will hand out a blank open-minded portrait. Or if the teacher chooses you can have the students draw out a blank head.
  2. The students will then fill in the space within the head with pictures and words/ phrases that they visualize when they are reflecting on a certain character or situation within a piece of literature.
  3. They can then cut out the shape of the head
  4. On the back side, they can include a written reflection that summarizes their visual on the front.
  5. The students can then share their open-minded portraits with the class.

How it can be used outside of ELA…

This could easily be used in other subject areas as a reflection tool. It could be used to:

-Summarize their experience doing an experiment in Science

-Reflect on complex concepts that they covered in Social Studies

Some examples…


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