Word Wall

What is it… it is a permanent model of words that are frequently used within the classroom. It helps the student see the patterns and relationships in words. It can be used as a reference when reading and writing activities as they can refer back to it for spelling support.

How it works… the teacher will prepare a place within the classroom that can be easily viewed and accessed by all students. When writing the words on the wall make sure that they are big and bold so that they can be viewed from a distance. The teacher and the students will work together to start off the wall. They will take the time to determine words that are frequently used during reading and writing in the classroom. Refer back to the words and practice them with the students to help reaffirm them. As you add words throughout the year, add them into the practice rotation.

Where it can be used in the classroom… this can be used in all subject areas where new language can be introduced.

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