Tea Party

Tea Party is… a tea party! Students will get to mingle, listen and discuss with one another. It is often used to help students read/ re-read parts of a story and gain a deeper understanding. It can also be used as a pre-reading activity to introduce a new section of a story. It can help introduce big ideas, new vocabulary, or build up the student’s background knowledge.

How it works… the teacher prepares conversation cards that contain written parts of the story. They are then given out to the students. The students will practice their card until they have a good understanding of it. Then the students will be given time (5-15 minutes) to mingle with one another and start up conversations using their cards. Once you end the tea party have the students discuss what they have learned through the party.

Other classes it can be used in…

Science… can be used to introduce new science concepts

Social Studies… Could be used to show peace treaties or war negotiations, even could use it to teach about politics.

How to…

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