Collaborative Books

How it works… students work together as a group to create a book together. They individually create one page or section of the book. They will work together to put it together.

  1. A topic must be chosen- the teacher will choose the main topic, then each student will decide their own sub-topic for their own section of the book.
  2. Introduce the design to the students- show the students what you expect their finished product to look like. Advise them that there is room for both a written and visual portion within their page/ section.
  3. Making the rough draft- students will make up a rough draft of their written portion. They will then form revision groups. They will be given feedback and be given the opportunity to make edits and corrections.
  4. They will make their final copy
  5. Collect the pages- the teacher will collect the completed pages from the students and organize it into a book
  6. Make copies- the teacher will make copies of the book for each student and then give the final copies. Or one copy could get bound and kept in the classroom library.

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