Skill Lesson Micro-teach Reflection

Today in lab I was given the chance to micro-teach my art lesson. In this skill lesson advised my class that the students were expected to create a puzzle piece that visually represented their identity. When I went through my original lesson plan with the class they gave me some great advice. They let me know that by having my own example ready it would help clear up some possible confusion around the overall expectations of the assignment. They also advised me that they were grade 8, so I should let them cut out their own puzzle piece’s which will ultimately save me time and energy.  The more that I reflected on the lesson plan I realized that limiting the students to drawing with markers, pencil crayons, etc. may cause the less artistically inclined students to be unwilling to participate so I decided that I would open it up and let the students do collage style as well where they could look up and print out images that coincide with their identity and attach them to their paper. I hope that these changes will improve the lesson and that it will translate well to my class.


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