Field Placement: Really?! On Halloween!

October 31, 2018

Today was the first day that we met our field supervisor. He was able to come to observe our lessons and set out a plan for our next few visits. He was a very interesting man and I appreciate the way that he gives feedback. During pre-conference, we discussed what was expected to come out of the lesson. We started off the morning with the students independently reading for the first 30 minutes. After that, Brendan taught ELA for the next hour. He had a really good lesson planned that combined scary stories (for Halloween) to their adventurer unit that they had been working on for the last few weeks. Overall, I thought it went well. There were a few students that would not participate, but that was expected, he encouraged them as best he could. After recess, it was my turn to teach. I had an hour to cover an introductory lesson on culture. There were so many ways that I could take it, I was a little hesitant. I decided to complete a KWLS chart with the kids to assess what they already knew about culture.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 4.47.44 PMWe then read the introduction to the unit from the textbook as a class. I then split them into groups and assigned them a section from the textbook to read and discuss together. The discussions, for the most part, were really good. I had a few students who were able to really expand on what they were reading. I made sure to circulate throughout the classrooms to make sure that they were staying on topic while also asking them to relate what they had learned their groups by having them identify cultural similarities and differences between them. After their group discussions, I brought the classroom back together and had each group share what they had learned with the rest of the class. We then finished the KWLS chart together and I was very impressed with some of the answers they gave. I had the students copy down the chart on the back of the definition sheet that I gave them for the unit. They then had to give a brief summary of the sections that they didn’t read. When they finished they went for lunch. My field supervisor gave written feedback on my data collection sheet and advised that he would reflect on how the lesson went and then provide further feedback via phone, or at our next meeting. In the afternoon we had the Halloween parade and the students watched a movie.


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