EIND/ ESST- Class Reflection

October 25, 2018

Today we wrote or EIND 215 midterm. We had done some preparation before class to make it a bit easier on ourselves. We were asked to pick a curriculum and find outcomes/ indicators that included and excluded First Nations content. I chose to look over the grade 8 health curriculum and was very disappointed to find that there was not a single outcome that included or even mention Indigenous people. My interpretation of that meant that the Ministry of Education does not see the need to educate students on Indigenous health practices and alternatives. When I went through the outcomes I could think of so many activities and lessons for each outcome that could incorporate FN content, but not all educators have that in mind when they are planning and that is worrisome.

We then took turns partnering up with each other and discussing different questions that our instructor had prepared to help guide our reflections later on. We then had to answer our reflection questions and submit them.

We spent the afternoon discussing our dossiers and how the upcoming weeks are going to look. We took the rest of the class to work on our deductive lesson plan.

I really enjoyed the way that this midterm assesses us. It is a technique I would like to test out in the future. I enjoy it because it goes beyond memorizing content, you have to be able to absorb and understand the material in order to engage and then respond to the question holistically. While it may be more difficult to grade you can gain a better understanding of your students this way.



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