EIND/ESST- Introductory Class Reflection

September 7, 2018- Reflection 1

Today we discussed a number of different things. We were first introduced to our instructor Kim Sadowsky (who I must say is excellent). We started off with a few technical difficulties, which is to be expected in a televised class. While we did lose a little time getting started it was quickly made up by the organization and management of the instructor.

Topics covered/ what I learned:

-The syllabus (obviously, it’s the first day)

-expectations of the class (leave your phone alone!)

-what we can expect as far as experiences this semester

-working smarter, not harder

-classroom management

-methods of how to get your students involved in the first week of classes (introductions, grouping)

-awareness in the classroom (racism, Indigenization)

How will I use this moving forward:

I found observing the instructor very useful today. The way that she carried herself and stayed organized, partnered with her classroom management skills gave me a number of ideas that I want to try out with my own classroom during my internship this semester.

The main takeaway from today’s class: Always leave them laughing so here’s a joke!

Why were the teacher’s eyes crossed?…….. She couldn’t control her pupils!



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