The Letters are Scrambling!

Last week for my learning project I decided it was time to start practicing for the scariest part of scrapbooking (in my opinion) the lettering.

I have ok penmanship, but I have often found myself jealous of my mother and grandmother’s writing. For my project, I decided that it was time to pick up my pen and start practicing my calligraphy. I knew that I would have to practice this for hours before I could even consider putting any writing on the pages for my project. Now you may be asking why don’t you just write normally? You could easily just do bubble/ block lettering, you could even use a stencil. Well, my answer to that is I don’t know I guess I like to torture myself.

In all reality, I like the overall look that calligraphy gives and I think it will really add to the overall project. I also have been left in charge of signing envelopes for the anniversary party and I thought this would be a good excuse to get some practice. Who doesn’t like to kill two birds with one stone!

I watched a million tutorials online but this one seemed to be the most helpful.

I purchased the Sheaffer Calligraphy pen from my local Staples. What I soon realized is that most people do not use actual calligraphy pens anymore and most of the tutorials on Youtube are “cheat” calligraphy.

I am in the process of breaking the habit of writing in cursive. They say the trick of Calligraphy is 9 different pen strokes and I have mastered none of them. Another thing I am still getting used to is the different nib sizes. I didn’t realize that was a thing.


Learning this online I think was easier than from a book in the sense that you could actually see what they were doing in order to achieve their end result. What was difficult was actually finding a video that actually used a pen that was similar to my own. Most “calligraphy” tutorials online don’t actually use calligraphy pens they use markers. That isn’t a bad thing but I found that I had a lot of troubleshooting that was just trial and error.

I have a lot of practice before this gets put in the final draft of my scrapbook!



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