The End of an Era… well a Learning Project

Well, the time has just flown by. Eight weeks is next to nothing. I must say I have really enjoyed this class and the opportunities it has provided me over the last few weeks.

For my learning project, I decided to give scrapbooking a try. Not only was it something that I was extremely interested in trying I also found that it was the perfect personalized gift that I could give to my grandparents for their 50th anniversary this fall.

What I didn’t anticipate was just how difficult and time-consuming it was overall.

My first week I started by creating my baseline. I was extremely excited and was eagerly anticipating how fun it was going to be to try something new! Here is my baseline blog post for the first week of my learning project.

The next week I was able to finally dive in. I was limited on supplies here in Yorkton so I resorted to online shopping using Amazon. It was so exciting to sneakily convince my grandparents to let me snoop through their photo albums! I also started going through different tutorials on youtube. you can read that blog post here.

The following week it was time to dive into it! I started trying to figure out how I wanted the overall project to look. I started experimenting with watercolor painting and found a few amazing online tutorials to guide me through it. You can see that blog post here. Following this week I really began to struggle with the learning project. I wasn’t happy with my work and I found that I was struggling to piece together a project for a grade. I realized that I needed to make a change and start approaching this project differently.

I then made the executive decision to get rid of everything I had done up until that point and start fresh. I was still struggling with finding online resources that stimulated me creatively. Here is that blog post.

The next week I had a real setback. I had some personal issues and a family emergency that made it very difficult for me to work on my project. I continued to look at old photo albums and watch tutorials to help me out. Here is that blog post!

My most recent post was about my experience with learning calligraphy for my scrapbook. This was by far the most difficult thing I have tried for this project. While I did notice improvement throughout my work there is still a lot of work to be done. Here is that blog post.

Overall while I enjoyed most of the process for this learning project, I feel like it is not very easy to learn online. While I did have some success with certain videos and blogs, it ultimately is a self-taught project that is mostly trial and error. It is not something that has strict steps for you to follow to for you to do it correctly. There are so many different ways to do it. Because of this, it is easy to become lost online because you have to weed through so many different tutorials to find one thing that kind of looks like something you would do.

Unfortunately, I was unable to complete my scrapbook. It is going to be a collection of photos of my grandparent’s life together and gradually morph into more recent pictures showing the growth of their family. And unfortunately, I won’t be able to complete it until after their anniversary because I want to be able to include photos from that event. But I will be sure to post a finished product when it is done!

Thank you for coming along on this journey with me it was fun!





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