What have I really learned?

Well, everyone… I did it. I will say that this project was not easy. You ever hear of Murphy’s law? that was this project for me! I decided I wanted to do a whiteboard video and I got a free trial of Videoscribe and got to work. Unfortunately, I realized a few hours later when I went to review the finished product, that the watermark went across the entire screen making everything I wrote a headache-inducing experience when you tried to read it.

So I decided to scrap that and go old-fashioned whiteboard and marker project. I dug out my whiteboard and it appeared that the kids I babysat last had written on it with a permanent marker. No problem! I’ve still got markers and a sketch pad so we kill a few trees…

So I go to grab my camera and tripod, my sketchbook and markers. I sit down and check the markers and sure enough, they are dry as sand in a desert. So I broke out my crayons and got ready to set up. It turns out I have no memory card for the camera and the tripod is broken.

So this is my final set up…

sum of learn

I knew those nursing textbooks would come in handy someday! I had to duct tape my phone to a meter stick which was propped up by textbooks and a speaker. I then had to record in 2-minute segments because my phone was overheating. I guess duct tape is a good insulator?

I guess you could say I was forced to be creative! Anyways here is my frantic and frankly probably a little irritated summary of learning project. Enjoy!


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