My Contribution to EDTC300

Well, Katia was 100% right (as always). She had warned the class our first day that this post was coming, she also predicted that we would likely forget about it and have to scramble at the last minute to put it all together! Consider me scrambled. This class blew by in the blink of an eye and I can honestly say that I am not prepared for it to end. I have learned so much but it feels like there is still so much to be explored!

Overall, I feel like I gently contributed to the learning of my fellow classmates throughout the last 8 weeks. I try to remain active on Twitter by commenting on and sharing posts that I believe could only benefit my fellow educators. I try to comment on my fellow student’s blogs to help provide encouragement and knowledge when I can volunteer it. I tried to answer questions in the Google community as quickly as possible but I found that more difficult because I often was working when the questions were being asked and when I finally got to see them one of my fellow classmates were already on it! I also tried to remain active in the chat during our Zoom sessions to provide information where I could and voice my opinions and views in or mini-breakout sessions.

Here are a few of my contributions on twitter:

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I tried to take part in twitter chats like the #saskedchat and most recently the #edtc300sum chat which was hosted by two of our very own classmates Aurora and Sydney. I went from zero tweets and one follower to 197 tweets and 79 followers at the time this post was written. I am very proud of the contributions I have put forth on Twitter.

Next are a few examples from Blogs!

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Most of the input I gave was on learning project, particularly the baking and cooking ones. They are always something fun to look at. I felt that
I was able to give advice in this area because I have quite a bit of training in them and I wished I had thought to do something this fun for my learning project! Everyone’s recipes turned out so amazing and it was so cool to see their progression from the first post to now!

My community contributions!

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Unfortunately, I did not have the foresight to save the chats from our zoom room sessions and they are now lost forever. So instead I will end this post sending best wishes out to all of my EDTC 300 classmates. I would like to thank everyone for their contributions to my learning this semester. I hope to continue to maintain my twitter profile and continue posting as I do now to help broaden my network of future and current educators!



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