Hello Coding!

Well wasn’t this an interesting week! If you can’t tell by the title, this week in My EDTC 300 class we were introduced to coding and for an assignment, we were supposed to dedicate some time with either Scratch or Hour of Code to get ourselves familiar with the topic. initially, I was super excited because when I opened up Hour of Code you were able to personalize a Google logo!

I decided I wanted to attempt to make my own logo (I have been obsessed with designing one ever since I knew that it was an actual job). When I looked into it I thought it would be perfect for the assignment because you used a combination of scratch and Hour of Code to complete the logo! However, once I got set up to do so, the introductory video very quickly crushed my dreams. After watching a 5-minute video it informed me that it would not allow me to share or document my finished product. The exercise was for educational purposes and was the property of Google. Well since I fully intended to do all of these things I had to revisit that project on my own time.

For this assignment, I decided to create my own Flappy Fish game. Honestly, it was mostly because the fish kind of looked like Nemo, and I haven’t been able to get Finding Dory out of my head lately. Also, who didn’t jump on the Flappy Bird bandwagon at some point!

Here is my journey from start to finish!


I even got a certificate!

Screen Shot 2018-06-20 at 10.31.30 PM

Overall, I think that the program was really great. I enjoyed that it gradually picked up in difficulty and gave gentle reminders so that I was able to pick up on it. I also enjoyed that even though it was in block code you could see the Javascript text version as well once you completed a level. I thoroughly enjoyed this assignment.

I think that it would be great to use in the classroom because there are varying levels that can be used for different grade levels. As well you can select the teachers comfort level. With the way that technology is becoming a part of our day to day life, I think that it is very important that our students learn to understand and write basic code. And if they are going to be doing it anyway, then they might as well enjoy themselves by creating different characters and games!

If you want to give the game a try you can play it here!


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