There is so much paper!

Considering we just took part in the #saskedchat that discusses the #paperless classrooms I feel like I am doing the complete opposite of everything discussed. This week for my learning project I had planned to have all of the themes laid out so that all I would have to do is put in the pictures and embellishments and complete the cover and I would be closer to done but boy was I wrong. My Amazon order got delayed even though it was supposed to be here Friday so I had to make due with what I had on hand for this weekend. I managed to find enough to keep me busy!

The first thing I did was finish up the cover of the scrapbook. I personalized it using the most recent picture I took of my grandparents on their farm and then I included their last name on the cover.


Once I finished that I took apart the inside of the book so that I could customize it with the color scheme I had chosen. Inside the base color of each page is going to range from white to black with several shades of gray in between.


All of the white pages were going to be hand painted using watercolor paints. For the inside cover, I decided to do a tree to symbolize the family.


I then embellished the sides with a burlap style tape to border it.


I plan to use the black paper as a blackboard style theme, where the greys are going to be accented with different patterned papers. Unfortunately, the supplies needed won’t be here until Tuesday but I will be using our regularly scheduled class time to catch up.

The patterned paper I chose is more muted tones I want the photos to be able to pop off the pages and speak for themselves. The white pages that are intermittently placed throughout will help brighten up the rest of the book.pattern paper.jpg

For anyone wondering about the watercolor tree I drew my inspiration from two separate artists:

Youtube Channel: Watercolor by Shibasaki (Highly recommend this channel)

Youtube Channel: Paint Academy

I wanted my tree to be more full, like the second video but I wanted the texture of the first video. I am pleased with the overall outcome, I haven’t explored much with watercolors and they are not exactly the highest quality so considering these factors it had turned out better than expected.

Stay tuned for next week!

8 thoughts on “There is so much paper!

  1. Hey – this looks awesome! I have never scrap-booked before but it looks like something I would like to try someday! Do you order most of your supplies online or in a store such as Michaels?


  2. Oh my goodness, you are my hero! I’ve always wanted to try scrapbooking but it just seemed like so much work. However, I love the fact that you are putting so much effort into making this one so beautiful and meaningful. keep it up, I can’t wait to see the finished product!

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  3. Hi Amber,
    I love what you are doing. Your scrapbook is coming along really nicely. I love the colors and the added texture of tape around the pages. You mentioned that you were inspired by two artists, would it be possible to name them. I understand the first gentleman is Asian, but could you still copy and paste his name?
    Great work. Keep it up.


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