My Introduction to EDTC 300

Hello everyone! I am only moving into the second week of my EDTC 300 class through the University of Regina. It feels like we are already moving at hyperspeed and I am trying my best to keep up. I have always been very private on online profiles, in fact when I googled myself the only true connection to me was a photo that had been published in a magazine when I was 16. I have always been more behind the scenes when it comes to social media. I run a Facebook account and an Instagram account for the Yorkton Threshermen’s Club Inc. I had to create a twitter account for this class, it is not a platform that I am familiar with but I look forward to learning! So far creating this blog has been quite exciting I was able to organize it in a way that I hope I can continue to use throughout my educational journey. I have already written my first post about my learning project so feel free to check that out as well! To give you an idea of whose thoughts and ideas you are reading I have included my face in this post, I guess I better get used to sharing little pieces of myself for this class!


One thought on “My Introduction to EDTC 300

  1. I am a fellow reluctant blogger. However, Katia did a pretty good job selling us on the benifits and converted me. I am starting to feel a little more comfortable with being ‘out there’. How about you?


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