Learning Project Baseline

When I first heard about the learning project assignment I felt defeated. I thought, how am I supposed to dedicate 30-40 hours to a project when I am already overwhelmed with work and school? However, after a little thought, I began to see the assignment for what it really was, an opportunity. This assignment will force me to take time out of my chaotic schedule to practice something that I have always wanted to try but had always put on the backburner because I didn’t have the time. For this learning project, I have decided to learn how to scrapbook. Scrapbooking can be very beautiful when done well and it is a talent that I have always admired. Throughout this semester I will be creating a scrapbook using different tutorials that I hope to find on Youtube, Pinterest and of course Google! At the end of the summer if I am successful I hope to have created an amazing scrapbook to give to my grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary. I think they deserve more than 40 hours on their anniversary present, don’t you?




4 thoughts on “Learning Project Baseline

  1. Amber, I love you intro post for your learning project and can’t wait to see how well you progress! Also, the pic you put of your grandparents is super cute, did you take it yourself!? I know that they will absolutely love the gift, who wouldn’t!, and it may also be a great way for you to practice some self-care! Work and classes are important but our health is even more so! Cannot wait to see everything you make and Good Luck!!


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